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Spanish Forms

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Spanish forms and content



Provided for inspectors, whether Spanish speaking or not, who wish to better serve the Hispanic community. Elite Residential- Spanish form group produces reports with standard comment information provided in both English and Spanish, pre-translated for the convenience of clients who are more confortable reading their native language. Please note that forms and other included content is provided as-is and no warranty is provided as to their fitness for a particular purpose. We recommend you consult with your attorney to review disclaimer and other information to adjust it for your needs.

Special Layout: For the Spanish forms to work well, they were manually designed with the English text in black and the Spanish text following in blue. Since the program itself is not designed to translate new text, the Spanish layout generally prints any newly typed text in red. A disclaimer present at the front of the report explains this to the client, so they may obtain further help reviewing or translating those comments as applicable.

Summary tips: Elite forms are designed with many narratives preset to use three summary areas. Thus, prior to writing your first report, you may wish to use report writer Summary > Preferences to adjust the summary area labels that appear on your menu for your personal reference:
Summary 1 = Positive
Summary 2 = Action
Summary 3 = Attention

Documents: Included is a SPANISH actions category to attach a contract and summary designed similar to the forms with English and Spanish text following.

As this download bundles additional content along with the forms, use these special instructions to install it: Save downloaded .zip to your computer. Use Office Management > Install reseller content to navigate to the saved .zip and open it. Afterward, close and reopen your 3D software to install the included items.