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4 Point & Wind Mitigation Forms

To install one or more of these forms below into your current version of 3D software:

1. Download the desired file(s) and copy the file into your 3D software "Data" location, usually My Documents\3D Inspection System 11\ folder. (To verify your specific data location, use the 3D Inspection System Report Writer, Preferences > Preferences, File Locations tab.)

2. Open your 3D software. Generally, forms will automatically install so they are available to create new inspections. However, if they do not install automatically, you may use the Report Writer File > Install a set of forms" to select and open (or double-click) the desired form installer .3DF file you downloaded to install it. Note: If you are updating or replacing an existing form group already installed, you may choose to overwrite them. Overwriting existing forms may undo custom changes you previously made to those forms.

Once installed, you may use the new form group to create new inspections.

To download each file, enter applicable product key, and click Download.

TitleDownloadProduct Key

4-Point ASHI Insurance



4-point insurance inspection form designed for use by ASHI, CREIA, TAREI members

4-Point Basic



Basic layout for use by InterNACHI members

4-Point FABI



4-point form designed for use by FABI members

4-Point Narrative Insp4pt information



Contains content for compliance with the Citizens Insp4pt 01 18 revision information, while being able to include unlimited images and comments in the form. THIS FORM IS ACCEPTABLE TO CITIZENS, when the minimum information outlined by the form is included. Citizens Special Instructions state that their "4-Point Inspection Form includes the minimum data needed for underwriting to properly evaluate a property application. While this specific form is not required, any other inspection submitted for consideration must include at least this level of detail to be acceptable."

This form contains and exceeds that level of detail. Note that photos may be inserted directly where appropriate in the form, sized and positioned as desired, and unlimited comments may be included, making it easier to use than their more limited form.

4- Point Citizens Insp4pt (Limited) & approved RCF-1 replacement



Contains content matching Citizens Insp4pt 01 18. This form EXACTLY matches the "sample" form provided by Citizens, which is not required (they accept any form that contains the same minimum data and level of detail).

When this limited graphical form that matches their exact form is used, note that their form only provides limited space for comments and observations, photo options may be limited (additional photos may need to be attached separately), or comments may be sent to additional pages.

This form may also be used in lieu of the CIT RCF-1 01 18 (rev.) for Citizens Property Insurance Roof Inspection Form by completing only the roof portion and required photos. See

NOTE: For a compliant but unlimited form easier for reporting observations, consider the regular narrative "4-Point for Citizens" download, which meets and exceeds Citizens requirements and is also acceptable to Citizens, and maybe more easily modified or expanded.

4-Point State Farm



Designed for 4-point State Farm insurance inspections

RCF-1 Roof Inspection Form (short)



RCF-1 01 18 "Roof Inspection Form" stand-alone.
NOTE: Citizens also accepts the normal 4-point form with only the Roofing portion completed in lieu of this form. See

Wind Mitigation - OIR B1-1802



OIR B1-1802 (01/12 with 5/22/12 FLOIR technical revision) Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form, adopted by rule 690-170.0155 for insurance inspection

Wind Mitigation - WBDR-1802



WBDR-1802 = (01/09) Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form, for properties greater than $750K